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Junk removal Richmond

If you need the services offered by Ultimate Rubbish Clearance in Richmond, you do not have to wait long. We will reach you as soon as possible, because we understand that the need for a clean and free space may be urgent. Our junk removal is considered to be a perfect combination of high-quality work and affordable prices. Our team travels to the indicated locations and quickly but scrupulously gets rid of all the rubbish found in gardens, construction sites or houses.

Thorough rubbish clearance services

Our services are perfect for really demanding clients, because the gardens that we have cleaned, all gained a completely fresh look. We take care of a thorough junk removal in Richmond, excluding only hazardous waste. Our employees make sure there are no old chairs or wardrobes left on your property to clutter your space, but they also take care of rotting greenery, like grass clippings and trimmed branches. The rubbish clearance services that we offer, include loading the waste onto our truck and then transporting it to a specialised waste collection point.

Choosing our rubbish clearance in Richmond, you:

Richmond in West London

Richmond firstly had a different name, which was Shene. In 1501, king Henry VII built a new palace for himself, and as he had Richmond castle in Yorkshire already, he called this one Richmond palace. As time went by, the town took this name for itself. This district is famous for, among other things, its beautiful bridge, going over the river Thames. There is also an old, Victorian theatre, where you may still see many interesting plays. You can try out cuisines from many various countries in Richmond, for example, from India, France, Korea, Russia and Spain. For those of you who like active leisure, Pools on the Park will be the right place, as there are many sports events organized. It is also worth mentioning that you have a possibility to hire a skiff from boat builders and row on Thames.


Popular Question

Not only do we cover our vehicles and drives with the insurance, but your property as well.

Carrying out our rubbish clearance in Brent or another part of London, we always take care of the environment and recycle or donate as much as we can. The rest of waste is transferred to a landfill site.

We do not have any problem with collecting rubbish in non-standard hours, but please take it into account that we cannot work after dark, because it could be dangerous.

It should be kept in mind that skip hire has one fixed price, while in Ultimate Rubbish Clearance the cost of the service depends on the size of the load.

We do not want to cause you any trouble, hence we do our utmost not to leave any mess and we use proper accessories to keep everything clean.

It depends on the location of the rubbish. If it is possible to reach it from the road with no difficulties, your presence is not obligatory.