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How Much Does Rubbish Removal Cost UK? Things You Need To Know

How much does rubbish removal cost uk

When it’s about to remove a pile of rubbish or waste from your property, you’re gonna look for an easy solution. Fortunately, if you are looking for a rubbish removal service in the UK, then ultimate rubbish clearance will help you with the best service. But “how much does rubbish removal cost UK?”


The prices may vary depending on the volume and weight of the rubbish. The estimated cost for a minimum load of rubbish is £60. The cost for a quarter load of rubbish is between £90-£110. The cost for a maximum load of rubbish is £260-£290. 

Here, you’ll get a clear concept of how much rubbish removal costs, what will affect the cost, and how you can save money with our customer-friendly service. 


How much does rubbish removal cost? Let’s know


Rubbish removal cost mainly depends on the volume and weight of the waste. We provide our service and charge by van load in cubic yards. The estimated cost for rubbish removal is given below-


A table about how much is rubbish removal:


Van space Time Loading Price
Minimum load

(1cubic yards)

5min £60
Quarter load(¼)

(4cubic yards)

15min £90-£110
Half Load(½) 

(8 cubic yards)

30min £150-£170
Three-quarter load(¾)

(12 cubic yards)

45min £220-£250
Full load

(16 cubic yards)

60min £260-£290


That’s not all. You have to pay an additional cost if you want to remove specific items like mattresses, refrigerators, air conditioners, or television.  


Like, the cost of removing the mattress is £30. If you want to remove computer monitors or television, then the price is £10. Similarly, removing a domestic fridge or air condition unit costs £40-£60. You can also remove paint for £5 per 5L. 


Sometimes, you want to finish the work as soon as possible. That’s why we value your time and provide extra labor. If you want extra labor, then simply service will charge an additional cost. The cost for extra labor is £10 per 1


Factors that affects the rubbish removing cost:


There are a few factors that you should consider which affect the cost of removing rubbish. Check out the factors below- 


Top 3 common factors to consider which affect the cost of removing rubbish:


  • Weight or volume of rubbish


First, the weight or volume of rubbish is a significant factor that affects the cost. As before we say, our company charges for rubbish removal by the van load. The price may vary depending on the overall rubbish weight. 


If you have no idea what quantity of rubbish you have on your property,  then no worry. Experts will help you out. They will determine the quantity and tell you the final cost for removing it.


  • Type of rubbish


The type of rubbish is also a calculating point that affects cost estimation. Like, there are specific items that you have (in your family) but don’t need at present. Like, fridge, television, mattress, and many other things. In this situation, you must pay additional costs (already discussed).


  • Heavier material


The rubbish like bricks and construction debris are heavier material which is actually expensive to remove. 


As some trucks or vans need to remove this kind of material. Again, sometimes extra labor is also needed for shifting. That’s why the price will be high in case of heavier materials. 


How Can I Save Money on Removing Rubbish or Clearing Waste From My House?


Well, you can save money on removing rubbish with the help of your family members or neighbors. If there’s a small quantity of waste on your property and you can handle it with fewer people then, of course, go for it. 


Shifting an overload of rubbish or waste is a big deal and here you need to hire a rubbish removal service. But the cost will be less if you hire a local service near your area. 


If your location is the UK, then you can save money by hiring ultimate rubbish clearance. We’ll offer great service at a budget-friendly cost.


How to make money from the rubbish removal business?

If you want to make money from rubbish removal business, you should go through the following ways:


1. Advertising: 


Firstly, you need to advertise your business which will help you to get prospective consumers. Also, you can take the help of social media marketing to get potential customers. 


2. Building an established brand:


You should have a brand value among the customers as you can compete with other companies.


3. Customer experience:


Most importantly, you must ensure a 24 hours delivery system and unique services. Also, ensure there is no leftover waste which will satisfy your customers. 

4. Reselling:


you will get extra profit by reselling junk that remains in good shape. 


 5. Recycling:


You can also make money by selling junk to those who have recycling businesses.


Frequently Asked Question: How much does rubbish removal cost UK?

Q: Question 1: How much does it cost to hire a skip?

Ans: A rubbish removal company is cheaper than hiring a skip. Hiring a skip is costly as it charges between £90-£340. The price may vary based on the waste types/sizes and the required time. In case of hiring a skip, you may have to pay extra bucks.

Q: Ans: Question 2: How much will I need to pay for rubbish removal? 

Ans: Mainly,  rubbish quantity measure is van load ( in cubic yards) and then the Rubbish.

Removal Company informs you about the final cost. The cost estimation of the minimum load is £60 and the maximum load is £260-£290. 

Q: Question 3: How do I know what size skip or rubbish removal I need?

Ans: Call a professional if you can’t determine what size of rubbish removal you need. The rubbish removal service near your location will help you out. 

In this case, the expert will find out how much rubbish needs to be removed and how much it will cost. 



Now you will get the full idea about how much does it cost for rubbish removal. Hiring a rubbing removal service is the easiest way to get rid of rubbish. 


But, if you want to save money and can handle the waste by yourself, then it’s a good option. You can shift a minimum load of waste to the nearest area with the help of family members or neighbors. 


But, if there’s a heavy material or overload wastage, then a rubbing removal service is an effective choice. Still, you’re looking for professional service? Please put your effort into ultimate rubbish clearance in the UK


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