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Can you Hire a Skip for Garden Waste? [2023 Skip Hire Guide]

can you hire a skip for garden waste

Do you have a lot of garden waste you want to dispose? There are two ways you can go instead of throwing them away. You can either hire a skip or a waste clearance company like Ultimate Rubbish


As a British, you must be aware of skip hires for house clearance. Most people are not so sure about garden clearance, as the waste is quite different in this case. So, can you hire a skip for garden clearance? Yes, you can! A skip hire near me can be a much cheaper way, if the budgeting if tight for you. But with a skip hire, you will be saving something much more valuable than the money. The Earth. 


Yes, the earth and its environment will thank you, as much of the waste gets reused and reduced. Since none of it will be going to a landfill with this method, let’s find out how we can hire a skip for garden waste. Oh wait, let’s first explain what we exactly classify as garden waste, shall we? Let’s begin!


What is Garden Waste?


There are lots of different kinds of garden waste out there. After you have cleaned your garden, you will be left with twigs, tree debris, weeds, bricks, slabs, garden furniture and other rubble that need to be moved asap. Once you have cleaned your garden, you will be able to execute all your garden organisation ideas. If you are out of those, be sure to check out these garden design ideas.


A garden waste clearance company can clear your garden and remove all the debris. However, the cheapest way to dispose of garden waste is by hiring a skip. But can you put garden waste in normal bin? Yes! But what can you keep in a garden bin?


Types of Garden Waste:


Hard Waste




When tearing down decks and patios, along with sheds, you will be left with a lot of concrete slabs and flooring. You can drop them in skip bins, from where a van will collect them and crush them in their landscape removal machine before reusing them.




You can throw any metal furniture available, like wrought iron furniture, and trellis in the skip bin hire. The recyclers will divide the metal and smelt or fragmentise it to something different.




Got a tree dump near me? Throw them in a skip bin, as well. Your local recyclers will come and pick them up. Your wooden garden waste collection may turn into boards, animal beds, and biomass.


Green Waste


You need a skip hire for soil and rubble.  Branches, leaves, weeds, grass and other greens also fall in this category. 


The suburban lawn & garden yard waste recycling service will divide the waste before settling them as landscaping material or in construction. All of the green garbage in your area goes to a composting plant then reuses or repurposes it. 


For use in agriculture, the waste goes through mulching or composting. For energy production, they may burn grass trimmings like any other biomass fuel. Your old lawn clippings can become biofuel in power plants that employ renewable resources. 


These waste can generate electricity in lieu of fossil fuels, preventing them from entering the landfill and releasing the greenhouse gas methane.


No liquid waste

Liquids don’t belong in garden bins. Liquids refer to paints, solvents and other containers with liquid. 


The Right Skip Size:


You might want a green waste bin now that you know a green waste skip cost is much cheaper than a junk removal London service, even though the latter is more efficient. But did you know there are different skip sizes, in the first place? Can you hire a skip for garden waste without knowing its skip size? No!


If you have a large garden with a large assortment of waste, then get a large skip with a yard divider for categorising your waste. Otherwise, a few branches, soil and other stuff does not necessarily need a larger skip size. You might even make do with green cans.


Ordering a Permit for your Skip Hire


Can you hire a skip for garden waste without a permit? No, you need a legal permit to hire a skip and keep it in the public area, so your garden is no exception to this rule. Of course, if you wish to keep the skip in your backyard or garden itself, then it won’t be required. You can also hire our garden waste clearance company, if you don’t want a permit or can’t manage one.


Why You Should Hire a Skip For Garden Waste


Hiring a skip wont just give your garden waste their own place to stay before there are fully discarded. 

  • Your management and organisation system will get more efficient with a green waste container. 
  • You can declutter your garden faster with fewer costs, too.
  • You won’t have to keep your waste material in your garden shed and obstruct free space.
  • There will be no need to ship waste to the recycling company as good shipping companies collect the waste within 24 hours.
  • Skip hires help your environment, as the companies collect them for recycling and repurposing. They won’t fill up the landfills instead. 
  • Recycling yard debris will prove beneficial in saving energy and cutting down on pollution.


The Alternative Route


Hiring a skip isn’t your only way out of a messy garden. Trying to schedule a time to clean out your garden might be difficult, especially if you only get the weekend free. In this time, you would rather relax and unwind the stress of the whole week. Yes, that’s possible too. 


All you need to do is hire a garden waste clearance company, like Ultimate Rubbish, which takes care of all your cleaning work and takes the rubbish with them. 


Cheap Garden Waste Removal Near Me


Ultimate Rubbish offers competitive rates for disposing of your rubbish. We take care of old sheds, trees, garden furniture, hedge trimmings, pots, planters, bushes, and other garden waste. 


To start dealing with us, just send a picture of your garden waste. It’s okay if you haven’t cleaned them up, we can do that for you. We will clean them, lift them and collect them all on our own. If you are curious on where your waste goes, after we pick them you can bet 95% are not going to the landfill. We try our best to recycle, repurpose and reuse most of the waste. 




Since you have arrived at the bottom of the page, we ask you: can you hire a skip for Garden Waste? Assuming you know the answer, we suggest you buy one right now. If not, the alternative method probably seems like a better fit to you. If that’s the case, contact Ultimate Rubbish right now with your garden waste information. Don’t forget to enquire any relevant questions you have about our garden waste. 


We will be by your door the moment you need us there. So hurry up and make your choice.

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