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How Much Does It Cost to Hire A Skip

how much does it cost to hire a skip

Do you have renovation project in mind for your home or perhaps it’s your kitchen or bathroom you are thinking of? Even your Garden Clearance project requires a skip. These projects are already expensive. We need to save as money as we can on external factors. 


Let’s not get duped into buying more expensive skip hires, when cheaper ones exist. We need to know the rates. Let’s first asking how much does it cost to hire a skip? Don’t bother squandering your time, scouring through any other articles and videos on this simple topic. 


We have a full guide on the skip hire prices right here. We promise it won’t even take you 5 minutes. So what are we waiting for? Let’s find the lowest budget skips.


Determinants leading to the Skip Hire Cost:

Here is a comprehensive list of factors that affect your skip hire costs. 


Skip size


The vital factor behind the prices of skips to hire is the skip size. You will have to pay more for larger sizes. 


Skip Hire Duration


Your skip hire cost also depends on how long you will be hiring the skip for. Longer period amounts for greater payment. Nevertheless, sometimes you will find offers for unlimited skip hire periods. 

There may be a rise in the price of a skip permit if the rental duration is extended. In order to keep your skip on municipal property for an extended period of time, you will need to renew your permission. Permits from most municipalities only last between 14 days and a month.


Council License


Sometimes people tend to place their skips on public areas or council space when they don’t have enough private property to make space for the skip. They don’t get away with placing the skip on public areas without a permit. With a fee, you can get the permission to keep your skip anywhere you want. 


The fee depends on the rate of an individual council, so you may have to check in with your council. But, usually, it’s around £15 at least up to £60 maximum. 




Everyone knows London has the highest skip hire rates. You will have to pay more especially in places like Greater London and South of England. If you go North of England, and further North like Scotland and Northern Ireland.


Rubbish Clearance Prices


It is your responsibility to haul away the trash after hiring a skip. This means that you won’t have to spend any more money than necessary on trash pickup. The price of hiring a skip includes the cost of disposal.


Hidden costs: 


A skip rental won’t hit you with any surprise fees. However, there are two things you should keep in mind. 


Make sure you know up front whether the price you’re being charged includes VAT or not. You could have to pay a fine if your skip carries electronics or radioactive or hazardous elements. Here’s a full list of what you can or can’t put in a skip hire.


Skip Hire Sizes & Their Prices:


As we learned above, the size of the skip hire is the most determinative. We won’t know how much does it cost to hire a skip if we don’t know the size. So here is a list of all the skip hire sizes available, along with their prices:


2-3 Yard Mini Skip Hire


This size of skip hire is perfect for domestic use and other small scale projects. how much does it cost to hire a mini skip? Their prices range from £60. This skip size is equivalent to 25-35 or more bin bags.


4-5 Yard Midi Skip Hire


The 4-5 yard midi skip is useful for house and garden clearance. Its price range from £100 to £260. They are equivalent to 45 to 55 or more bin bags.


6-Yard Skip Hire


This skip size is normally used for construction, building and wholescale moat and garden clearance projects. Kitchen and bathroom renovations often require larger skip size for they have much waste to clear. You will get these skips starting anywhere from £110. They are equivalent to more than 65 bin bags. 


8-Yard Skip Hire


The 8 yard skip hire is more versatile. You can use this for both commercial and domestic uses. Their prices fall anywhere between £150 and £375. This skip is equivalent to more than 80 bin bags.


10-Yard Skip Hire


A 10-yard skip hire is suited for commercial use because only construction projects with rubble, garden, and building junk require this large a skip. How much does it cost to hire a large skip? These skip hires are at least £170 each. One 10-yard skip hire is equivalent to more than 100 bin bags.


12-Yard Skip Hire


This skip size is for large scale commercial projects. Large residential renovations with a large amount of refuse may also find these skips necessary. They cost anywhere between £220 and £450. This skip size is equivalent to 120+ bin bags.


14-Yard Skip Hire


This skip size is versatile but useful in large construction and other commercial projects. how much does it cost to hire a rubbish skip? The 14 yard skip hire is rather affordable starting at only £200 that is worth more than 145 bin bags.


16-Yard Skip Hire


A 16 yard skip can fit a scrap car, and loads of unnecessary furniture. They can fit a lot in their constituents, they are exactly worth more than 170 bin bags. They cost about £220 each.


18-Yard Skip Hire


You can renovate your entire house and fit all the refuse in an 18 yard skip. This skip size can fit more than 195 bin bags in it. The prices start from £275.


20-Yard Roll-on Roll-off Skip Hire


This is a smaller size of the roll-on roll-off skips with more capacious waste disposal space that can fit at least 220 bin bags. They are known for being more convenient to use. How much does it cost to hire a skip bin measuring 20 yards? You will find this at a minimum rate of £290. 


30-Yard Roll-on Roll-off Skip Hire


Your large commercial project will need a skip that can hold considerable waste. A 30 yard roll-on roll-off skip is perfect for large commercial projects while starting at £340. It measures for at least 330 bin bags.


40-Yard Roll-on Roll-off Skip Hire


The largest skips are the 40 yard roll-on roll-off skip hires that accumulate as much waste as they would in more than 440 bin bags. Their prices start at £400. They are most useful for commercial projects that accumulate considerable waste regularly.


Lockable Skip Hire


You may want to lock your skip hire if you don’t want anyone else adding waste in it without supervision, or if it’s meant for a specific occasion or need. They come in numerous sizes and each of them ranges from £200 to £300.




How much does it cost to hire a skip? The skip prices depend on the skip hire size mostly. Then, there are regional costs, how long the skip hire is for, license cost and so on. But, if you don’t have the time to do a clearance all by yourself, Ultimate Rubbish Clearance is always a call away from its active servicing regions. We do all the cleaning up for you and organize the junk in our trucks, and skips so you don’t have to! Call us anytime if you are interested.

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