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How to Get Rid of Rubbish Easy & Cheap in 2023

how to get rid of rubbish

What most people do when they see waste or refuse is discard it in their dustbins. Little do they know that there may be more to rubbish removal than meets the eye. You can positively impact society and the environment by doing things differently. 


How to get rid of rubbish quickly and cheaply in 2023? You will be surprised to know there are so many ways of getting rid of rubbish now than ever before, thanks to a more aware and educated society. We must not forget to thank the internet for helping information spread further and getting tasks done faster. 


Scroll down to see which method piques your interest the most.

All the Easy Methods to Remove Rubbish from Home:


Because there is so much to worry about, we will make it easier for you with more money-saving rubbish removal tips. So don’t worry about how to get rid of rubbish easy and cheap in 2023!




You may not have any use for what you are about to dump, but someone else might… if it is in a usable condition, that is. There are a few ways to give away something you have no use for. If you are wondering how to get rid of rubbish for free, we have a few solutions that won’t cost nor gain you any pence. 


One way is if you live in a suburban area, put your scrap out in front of your pavement with a giveaway banner. Or you can give it away to a charity scrap yard that comes to pick up your rubbish. 


You may use a reselling or second-hand website like eBay to gain something out of it. However, do this if you are only okay with strangers popping in out of nowhere to collect your things. This process is also slower than others, so if you have time, great.


House Clearance Company


A house clearance company like Ultimate Rubbish Clearance take your waste for a quote. You will call us with the description of your junk. We will come over, take a look, organise them and take them with us for a price– as simple as that.


Civic Amenity Site


If you have a car or jeep, you could deliver your rubbish yourself to the closest tip. You don’t have to pay anything for it. However, you may need to be a resident for free rubbish removal near me. Another factor– don’t use rubbish removals or car rental services to deliver the rubbish to the tip. Commercial waste is a big no. Sometimes you may get away with it by charging an amount. We don’t bet on that, though.


Council Residential Waste Collection Service


Councils in the UK generally provide all residents with household waste collection services. But this only includes the large waste that doesn’t fit in the dustbin. Think fridges, carpets, mattresses and sofas… You may even count fixtures and renovation refuse in household waste. 


Councils aren’t free, but when looking for cheap rubbish removal near me, nothing is cheaper than this. But as the saying goes, cheap things are not good, and good things are not cheap. The council waste collection service isn’t quite efficient. You may have to wait ages for the pickup, and the council will only oblige when the waste is out. The list of limitations of the waste  is also tardy. 


Rubbish Removal Tips:




Rubbish clearance and skip hire companies to determine the cost of junk by their volume. If you have the time, patience and energy, you will get more price by dismantling the items before giving them away. But this is mainly done because the vans won’t even take your skip if the junk overfills the skip.


The rubbish removers near me might crunch the MDF boards a bit. But they won’t waste any more minutes breaking up your items. 


Free Rubbish Removal Near Me


You can remove your waste for free by asking your renovation team to take the refuse with them. People aren’t usually bothered about waste when there is so much that could go wrong in a renovation project. Contractors also leave as is with their duties. You may add the waste disposal in the quote when signing the contract. And don’t be worried. Many have and will agree to this because the benefit is theirs in the end, with the scrap prices added to their list.


Share the Cost


You may consider sharing the cost between a neighbour or two and you. Almost every family out there has something they want to get rid of. So team up with another neighbour and divide your scrap when you have less scrap to get rid of. Because it’s more affordable to hire a large skip combining the scrap of two houses than hiring two small skips


Using Skips only for large waste


Using skips to remove bulky waste like rubble, fridges, sofas, and such is much cheaper. 


Using Man & Van Rubbish Clearance


Man & Van Rubbish clearance, like Ultimate Rubbish Clearance, is even cheaper than skips when you use them for a more significant amount of lightweight waste, for we will take more refuse for our own benefit. 




Do you know how to get rid of rubbish quickly and cheaply in 2023? There are many options available. So many that you wouldn’t know which to choose. But why fret when Ultimate Rubbish Clearance is here with the cheapest rubbish clearance rates? Just call us for a quote, and we will come over and pick up your rubbish right away. & unlike council waste collection service, we won’t wait till a week or more! You are our first priority.

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