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How Much Does House Cleaning Cost Per Hour in the UK?

how much does house cleaning cost

Hiring professional house cleaning services can provide a convenient solution to ensure your home is clean and tidy. However, the cost of house cleaning services varies depending on several factors. In this article, we will explore the average cost of house cleaning per hour in the UK and provide insights into the factors that influence these costs.


Cleaning the house or house area has never been an easy job. Are currently thinking about giving a brand new shiny look to your house or kitchen? Or perhaps bedrooms need constant care? Trying to keep skipping in your budget isn’t a bad thing. Everyone needs to save money so that no crisis arises suddenly. Your house or garden clearance project always needs a skip, which is already expensive.

So, before hiring a skip, you should check the most reliable and relatively less expensive one. And you need to know the current rates. Let’s first ask about how much does it cost to hire a skip? So why think too much? Let’s find out the lowest budget price of the skip.

Main Cleaning Duties of Skip’s

Garbage removal, leaves collection, and green space maintenance, etc are the main duties of skip’s. Professional cleaning of homes is a service that helps customers save time on cleaning their homes. With the help of qualified personnel, professional equipment and work equipment anyone can improve the image of their house.

Comprehensive list of factors

Let’s discuss the common comprehensive list of factors that affect your skip-hire costs.

The most important factor behind the prices of skips to hire is the skip size. The larger the size, the more money you have to pay.

Ultimate Rubbish Cleaning depends on the duration of hire. The longer it takes to clean, the more you will have to pay. But you can check offers for unlimited skip hire periods to clean as per your requirement.

There happens to be a rise in the price of a skip permit if the rental duration is extended. In order to keep your skip on the municipal property for an extended period of time, you will have to make sure to renew your permit. Permits from most municipalities only last between 14 days to a month.

Sometimes people tend to use the public areas and council space to keep skip as they don’t have enough space on their own property. If that’s the case you have to get permission to keep your skip anywhere you want with a minimal fee of £15 to £60 maximum.

Regions matter most while hiring skips. As we Lk know that you’ve to pay extra in places like Greater London and South England, North England or feather North like Scotland.

You should be aware of your responsibility to haul away your rubbish after cleaning by a skip. Thus you won’t have to pay extra cash for trash pick up. This cost management should be included in skip hire.

You should also make sure to know up front whether the price you’re being charged includes VAT or not on the hiring cost.

House Cleaning Costs in the UK

Cleaning is hard work. So there are many reasons why people tend to hire skips to clean their houses looking and smelling fresh.

When choosing to hire a skip, you have the option to choose an independent professional or a larger agency.

Factors That Influence House Cleaning Costs Per Hour in the UK

  • Size of the Property
  • The complexity of Cleaning Tasks
  • Frequency of Cleaning
  • Location
  • Reputation and Experience of the Cleaning Company

The cost of these options is always different. The table below will give you an estimate idea of the cost of house cleaning in the UK.

Regular Domestic House Cleaning £20 to £75 2 to 3 h
Indoor Window Cleaning £25 to £50 1 to 3 h
Upholstery Cleaning From £40 1 to 3 h
Oven Cleaning £50 to £100 1 to 2 h
Carpet Cleaning From £60(Per square) 1 to 3 h
Hard Floor Cleaning From £70 1 to 2 h
End-of-Tenancy Cleaning £90 to £200 4 to 8 h
After Building Work Cleaning £90 to £750 6 to 10 h

Domestic cleaners often work in teams of two. Which means they can accomplish the cleaning in a shorter period of time. A typical clean takes two to three hours to complete.

If you plan to move out of your rented flat or apartment, you can always hire a cleaner to do an end-of-tenancy clean. So you can ensure passing any landlord inspections and secure your deposit once you’ve moved out from your place. It’ll cost between £90 to £200.

Are you ready to get your house cleaned? And you don’t have the time to do a clearance all by yourself? Ultimate Rubbish Clearance is always a call away from its active servicing regions. We do all sorts of cleaning up for you and also organize the junk in our trucks, so you don’t have to do it separately. Contact us anytime, if you’re interested to work with us.


Remember to consider your specific cleaning needs, budget, and the quality of service provided by the cleaning company before making a decision.

By hiring a professional house cleaning services provider in London, you can save valuable time and ensure that your home remains clean and inviting. It’s always advisable to research different cleaning companies, read customer reviews, and obtain quotes to find the most suitable option for your requirements.

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