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Benefits Of Hiring A Construction Waste Recycling Company

construction waste recycling

Building construction and destruction activities produce waste like concrete, bricks, tiles, drywall, asphalt, metals, plastic, rocks, wood, etc. These construction wastes are usually static and don’t decompose. They are complex, heavy, and all over the landfills.

Recycling and managing the construction wastes include separating and salvaging the recoverable wastage for reuse and recycling. The sophisticated methods of recycling industrial waste as construction materials aim to increase your productivity while being profitable.

This article will discuss the benefits of hiring a construction waste recycling Croydon company that offers recycling of commercial waste materials. 


Benefits of Hiring a Construction Waste Recycling Company


UK government statistics state that the demolition and construction businesses have produced approximately 60 mil tonnes of commercial waste. Nevertheless, despite having a large amount of construction going on daily in the UK, its construction industry holds a higher  91% recovery rate.

We all need to be aware of the benefits of construction waste recycling. Usually, construction materials’ recovery percentages are high for their ever-increasing demand and outstanding market value. You can often reuse them with minimal effect on the quality. Reusing them will ensure that the recovery rates keep rising to benefit the UK’s overall conditions by avoiding landfills.

Here are the advantages of hiring a construction waste recycling companies:




Businesses in the UK are lawfully accountable for their construction waste, even if they leave the property after. It involves companies that create, import, export, carry, transport, keep, store, treat, and dispose of construction waste. 

The waste disposal company you hired is supposed to guide you through the relevant changes of rules and ensure that your construction waste has been correctly disposed of.


Health and Protection


Proper waste management and disposal reduce employee health risks and the general people from waste left in the wrong places.

An experienced waste management company ensures that ecycled wastes are being reused, so they are never left alone for more than a few days. It provides safety and protection for everyone involved from health hazards. 


Reduced costs


Currently, UK’s landfill tax is around £91.35/tonne, and it’ll most likely increase next year. Construction materials weigh a considerable amount, and being environmentally aware has advantages. 

A professional waste management company lets you avoid high disposal costs and ensures the reuse and recycling of construction wastes. 

Improved reputation 


Companies that think of the environment originate a good reputation, improving customer relationships. The waste management company that you hired will take care of your recyclable wastes and get rid of the unrecyclable ones quickly and efficiently. 


What Are The Various Types Of Construction Waste?


Building, excavation and demolition sites cause various kinds of waste. Static wastes make up most of the construction, excavation, and demolition waste, but there are also other materials found. Standard construction wastes include:


  1. Concrete, tiles, bricks, ceramics, and cement.
  2. Wood, plastic, and glass.
  3. Asbestos and insulation materials.
  4. Metallic scraps (For example, pipes).
  5. Soil, stones.
  6. Paints, varnishes.
  7. Sealants, adhesives.


It’s essential to know which types of waste your business generates because you can salvage some of these materials to reuse or recycle. It also lets you separate all of the trash properly so that the waste-collecting company can remove them safely from your building, especially some materials, like asbestos and oil-based pigments, which are deemed hazardous and require special disposal. 


Ways to Reuse Your Construction Waste


There are many building and demolition management and recycling establishments nationwide that provide recycled material to help you avoid landfill. Construction materials are separated into single streams. They are cleansed and marketed for recycling. Here are some of the uses that you can recycle:


You can recycle concrete for roads and pavements and reuse it as new concrete.

You can reuse brick/masonry for gravel or break them and make more undersized bricks or sand.

You can recycle metal for various new metal objects as metal is 100% recyclable.

You can recycle glass for sand, pebble, building materials, etc. (glass is also 100% recyclable)

Wood can be recycled for fuel, landscaping mulch, composite board products, bedding, and pallets. 


To Conclude,


Now you know the benefits of hiring a waste management company that offers construction waste recycling London. So the next time you start building, don’t forget to hire the perfect waste management company to collect your commercial waste.

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