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Top Tips On How To Clean Decking Naturally

how to clean decking naturally

The perfect time to get on with your deck cleaning is after winter has ended and spring has arrived. The first step to getting your deck ready for the summer is to clean it to immerse a brand new finish.

So, if you’re thinking about how to clean decking naturally, this article is for you.

Widely used chemical cleaners have sodium hypochlorite that produces dioxin; TSP releases phosphates into rivers and creeks. So using these common cleaners to clean your decking will do more harm than good. So, if you can’t take help from chemical cleaners, what can you use to clean your decking?

It is astonishing how easy environment-friendly ingredients are to clean your deck with. You can find some of these natural ingredients in your kitchen. 

How to clean decking naturally


First of all, how to clean slippery decking depends on whether you have wood or composite boards. However, there are six basic steps for cleaning all decks. They are:


  1. First comes removing all furniture, decorations, and plants from the deck. Substitute rotten woods, fix the popped nails, and tighten all loose rivets. It will provide an excellent prospect to visually examine your deckings and search for distorted, discoloured, and spongy panels.
  2. Then sweep the deck panels. Use a knife or a screwdriver to fetch them out between the boards. Debris accumulates over time on top of your deck. You need to remove the residue as it can taint and preserve moisture.
  3. Let it soak. It lets the cleaner spread more efficiently.
  4. Sanitise with a handmade solution customised to match your deck type (wood/composite).
  5. Rinse the deck properly so that no foam or build-up is left behind. Hold the washer 5 to 10 inches above the deck and start spraying from a few feet. The water should wash away all the filth and debris.
  6. Try cleaning decking without pressure washer, as too much water pressure can harm your decking and crack your wood.
  7. Seal stained wood decking with sealant to avert further injury. Sand before sealing – it will enable the product to infiltrate the wood more intensely. It’s easy to operate a paint roller or sponge applier.


Some useful tips:


  • Wear gloves. Some cleaning materials cause skin irritation.
  • Rather than storing excess natural cleaner, produce a new batch the next time you use it.
  • Keep the cleaning materials safe and out of reach for children.


How to clean balcony decking


There are two ways you can clean your balcony decking – with vinegar or baking soda. Let’s discuss their methods:

Vinegar as a Deck Cleaner


Vinegar is a precious remedy for stains and spots. It’s helpful for clearing mould that develops after extreme exposure to water. Scrub the space with a brush after the vinegar solution sinks in. To achieve a proper clean, repeat this process until you see results. You may use a pressure washer if you want quick results. 


White vinegar has powerful cleaning and anti-mould effects. Apply a combination of half water and half vinegar and spray the solution on your deck panels with a hand or pump sprayer. If you don’t have one, you can buy one from your nearby hardware store.

Baking Soda as a Deck Cleaner


Baking soda is a practical choice for cleansing a vast range of textures. It is certified as a fantastic alternative for repairing decking wood and extracting stains. Baking soda is spread over hard stains to help erase them—Mix 1-gallon water with 1 cup of baking soda. Swirl until the soda is dissolved in the water.


The process of applying baking soda is simple. Just sprinkle it over the spots you want to wash, and then use a stiff scrubber. Finally, leave it like that for a few hours. Later, clean the surface with a hose or pressure washer. 


Best way to clean composite decking UK


A little upkeep and cleaning can go a long way to hold the looks and functionality you expect from your decking.


The first phase in the composite decking care routine is to avoid some household chemicals that make natural wood deckings look new. These harsh chemicals harm composite materials.


There are many composite deck cleaners available. The composite deck cleaning procedure is simple to maintain and clean with your own natural solution of composite deck cleaner.


You should do a semi-annual cleansing on your composite deck to maintain your deck’s durability. All you need to make your own environmentally-sound composite decking cleaner UK is water, soap, vinegar or baking soda (if there is mould). Also, a mild pressure washer (not more than 3100 psi) and a soft hairbrush to extract grime, debris and other dirt.


Step 1: To clean composite decking, start by using a hose to remove all exterior debris.


Step 2: Then spray the soapy water and gently scrub each board with a gentle brush.


Step 3: After you’re done with scrubbing, wash the deck thoroughly.


Tip 1: It is necessary because a thin residue may remain on the composite surface if contaminated water from the cleaning is left and dries.


Tip 2: Unfortunately, the exact circumstances that help maintain a smooth surface also boost the possibility of harming your deck, mainly if the wood is old and soft or if you’re not used to a pressure washer. So, If you’re doubtful, use less pressure and a bigger hose-head for now.


Tip 3: If there are stains left after using these natural methods, lightly sand the wood. It will often remove the last specks of staining or inconsistent colour.




Now you know how to clean decking naturally and the ingredients to make homemade solutions to clean your wood or composite deckings. Apply this learning into action and transform your old looking deck into brand new and gorgeous ones.


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