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How Much Does A 6 Yard Skip Cost In The UK?

how much does a 6 yard skip cost

Cleaning the trash isn’t as simple as said and done. It requires quite a bit of planning and calculations. But, stick with your initiative. It is a noble one. All the world benefits from your responsible action. It is impressive already to see that you have figured you’ll need a 6 yard skip. Here you can learn how much does a 6 yard skip cost.


Oh, you will know more than that. For example, the cost for rubbish clearance.

Skip Hire Guide You Should Know


So, let’s get into the complications. You might wonder why it would be complicated. But, it rather is. First of all, how much are skips going to cost you depends on where you want them to be.

Skip Price Category


There are three most common categories you are likely to find of skips.

  • Mini or Small Skips: 2-3 yards that can hold 20-35 bin bags
  • Medium Skips: 4-10 yards that can hold 45- 110 bin bags &
  • Large Skips: Above 10 yards can easily hold over 100 bin bags. Roll-on roll-off and lockable skips are usually for such giant ones.


The average skip hire price will not vary all that much from every other skip provider company or rubbish clearance company. But, the permit and the parking suspension will have a wide variety depending on the area it will be placed.


How much does a 6 yard skip cost also depends on how long you need it for. You are probably looking somewhere south of two hundred pounds for 6 yard skips.


Besides, you are hiring a skip. That means you will have to do the waste removal work yourself. 

You should check with the service provider if they will sort out the garbage at the company depot. Otherwise, you will have to sort it yourself before putting it in the skip.


Note: Skips have weight limits. You will have to pay extra.

Why Do Skip Prices Vary?


Skip prices offered by the rubbish removal services don’t vary all that much.


That doesn’t mean that they arrange annual meetings to maintain that. It is rather logical to try and keep prices low and seal your deal.


You will often find relatively cheaper prices offered by a service. You ought to be careful making such deals.


There are irresponsible services that have resorted to fly-tipping the garbage away from the locality. Ideally, you should inform the local authority when such treatment comes to your notice.

The Factors That Affect Skip Hire Costs


Let’s divide this section into two, based on the obvious and hidden aspects. In the first section, we will tell you about the things that will seem obvious.


Later, you will learn about some other elements that affect your average skip hire bills.


The essential factors—


  • The size of your skip
  • The duration of the hire
  • The weight of your garbage
  • The sort of waste going in the skip &
  • Your location


Now, let’s talk about certain things that might not have occurred to you. These are the kind of costs which you can have no control over. But rest assured, a licenced waste removal company will charge you reasonably.

The Geographical Factor You Should Be Aware Of


Your skip will have to be placed on the street when you don’t have an empty driveway for it. That is when the traffic in your town will have an effect on your skip hire cost.


A suspension permit on the streets in Manchester costs £15. Whereas, £51 at Glasgow, reaching up to £70 when you are in Surrey for licence fees. The cost is low where the demand for parking is low, vice versa.


The licence is provided by local councils. Your service provider is likely to arrange the permit on your behalf. But, some councils demand that the person hiring the skip must do it themselves. Visit your local council website to see what you should do.


Landfill Tax is about to grow from 1st  April 2022 corresponding with the Retail Prices Index (RPI), rounding up to the nearest 5 pence proposed in the Spring Budget 2022.


Landfill cost is one of the basic expenses for rubbish disposal businesses. And so, you can expect the price to grow when government tweaks the prices for landfills.


But, you can at least find a silver lining there. Landfills were not maintained properly in the past. Coal waste, radioactive waste, hazardous chemical waste and the like has caused ample bit of headache in the past.


At least, now we have started to consider environmental issues with due diligence.

How Much is A 6 Yard Skip?


Get to know about a 6 yard skip before you start typing a 6 yard skip near me in Google.

The Dimensions


We have looked into multiple services and noticed that the 6 yard skip sizes vary slightly on the length of the containers.


The average dimension for 6 yard skips is 8½ft Length x 5ft Width x 4ft Height. You can easily fit 65 black bags in it.


You should also check the weight and health of the skip. You will not pay for the weight of the skip, just the weight of your trash. Besides, the skip ought to be up to good health. You don’t want it to break in front of your house. Contact a rubbish removal company to get rid of them ASAP.

What Not To Put In The Skip


This can be a never-ending list. Instead, it would be better to put forward the things that you are like to make a mistake with.


Don’t put:


  • Batteries
  • TVs or Computer Monitors
  • Tyres
  • Liquid waste
  • Syringes or other medical waste
  • Paint or paint cans
  • Gas Bottles or Canister
  • Oil- Petrol, diesel or other lubricants
  • The Fridge
  • The Air Con Unit

Before You Leave,


Hopefully, it’s clear to you how much does a 6 yard skip cost and a lot more. You see, waste management is actually complicated. But, it should still be done appropriately. Eventually, we can have a brighter and safer future if we do it right.


Our planet is our responsibility. We are all still trying to learn about sustainable living.

Thank you for being a part of it.

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