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How Much Does Rubbish Clearance Cost in the UK?

how much does rubbish clearance cost

Put your litter in the bin, eventually everyone will win—that is what Ava from Wirral wrote in her award-winning poem. Our home and the nearby area is our responsibility. You don’t have to clear up the entire neighbourhood if everyone takes care of the area they occupy. But, the rubbish has to go somewhere? Being responsible requires you to see issues through to the end. So, then comes the question of costs. You have come to the right place to learn how much does rubbish clearance cost in the UK right now.


Here you will not only learn of the cost but much more that will give you a wholesome idea of your noble initiative. So, let’s get started, shall we?


What Makes A Good Rubbish Clearance Service?


First thing first, let’s give you a brief idea about rubbish clearance and removal services near you or, at least, how they ought to be.


So, a good rubbish clearance service is timely, unlike any other service. Especially in the case of rubbish, things will start to discharge odour and pollute the environment even more as they are left out of doors.


Responsible waste management requires that the junk be sorted. Ergo, good services will ensure that the right thing goes to the right place. That means plastic and paper don’t have the same destiny. Yes, they can both be used again. But, the process of recycling differs vastly for them.


A good rubbish clearance service will advise you and guide you through your part carefully, which helps them and everyone else. Such a service will then handle the recycle and reuse aspect appropriately.


Other than that, they will make sure to dump it in secure landfills or dumping grounds to avoid further harm to the environment.

They will do all that at a reasonable cost.


Rubbish Clearance or Removal Cost Calculator


Now, on to our primary concern. Let’s give you a good idea of how much does rubbish clearance cost. You are looking at £50-60 going up to £300. It all depends on the sort of service and the amount of your rubbish.


Most clearance services are likely to charge you by cubic yards of waste or the size or number of skips and skip bags you’ll need. You will find out the wide variety of prices for hiring a skip in London by doing a little digging. It is more commonly seen that skips contain a mixture of unsorted rubbish.


Some services will even offer you cheap rates. Such deals might seem like a win but are not a good choice as some of them have resorted to fly-tipping to lower their expenses.


At Ultimate Rubbish Clearance, we propose a more straightforward calculation method for your convenience.

Now, let’s see about the rubbish clearance cost with us below.


How Much Does Rubbish Clearance Cost?


The man with a van can solve most of our issues. Typically, a van rubbish removal service will charge you for the variety of available space. The idea is simple. You will pay more for more space, and vice versa. The service provider will talk to you and inspect what variety of rubbish you want them to take away. Then, they will tell you about the space you need in the van.


You will be charged additionally if your trash includes things that need exclusive attention. It makes clear sense because laws and guidance allocate the proper disposal for different things. A good rubbish removal service will be concerned with the trash and not the costs. So, you should follow suit because they are doing the right thing taking care of your environment.


The van is what we do. We have a 16 cubic yards van. You can negotiate based on the volume and the weight of the rubbish. Besides, we offer discounts to our regular customers and large quantities of garbage.


Here are the cost measurements of the van if you take our service:


  • Minimum Space: 1 cubic yard requiring 5 minutes of loading at £60.
  • ¼ of the van: 4 cubic yards requiring 15 minutes of loading at £90-£110.
  • ½ of the van: 8 cubic yards requiring 30 minutes of loading at £150-£170.
  • ¾ of the van: 12 cubic yards requiring 45 minutes of loading at £220-£250.
  • Full van Space: 16 cubic yards requiring 60 minutes of loading at £260-£290.

Here Are Some Important Additional Details:


  • You get charged £30 you are disposing of your mattresses.
  • We take £40-60 for your fridges and AirCon Units.
  • £10 for each of your TVs and computer monitors.
  • We charge £5 per 5 Litres of paint.


The disparity in the list is to cover the lawful disposal of the rubbish. You should get a quote if you have any usual and sensitive things like liquid or medical waste. You will need extra labour when you have a large pile. That will cost you £10 per 10 minutes for each additional worker.


Here Are The Fines For Rubbish In The UK?


Over £1 billion of taxpayer money is spent every year for keeping the streets clean. Did you know that the UK government has started to employ litter-mapping drones to survey dirty areas? Yes, they are finally getting smart.


Officers can fine you up to £80 for a litter offence. You are looking at fines up to £2,500 if the matter reaches the courtroom conviction.


Note: Small items like cigarette butts and chewing gum are more expensive to clear. You must put out your cigarette before throwing them in the bin. Oh, and clean up after your pet after you have stopped spray-painting public walls.




So, by now, you should have a better idea of how much does rubbish clearance cost in the UK these days. Not only so, you know how to differentiate between good and inadequate services. You also have a better idea of your responsibility to your environment. To finish it off, remember what Ava wrote. Make some changes in yourself. Eventually, we all will have a better life.

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