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How Much Does Garden Clearance Cost in 2022

how much does garden clearance cost

A cluttered garden can downsize the charm of your house to yourself and your visitors. If you’re thinking about what type of services apply to garden clearance and how much does garden clearance costs, then this article is for you.

Without regular upkeep, gardens can become overgrown, so standard tools won’t keep up and can be backbreaking work to clear the land. That’s why it’s time to call in professional help in the form of garden clearance.


How much does garden clearance cost?


So, how much do you have to pay for a professional rubbish cleaning service to clear your garden? Let’s discuss:

You can hire a rubbish removal company with a van to clear your garden waste for between £30 – £400. The lower end of this price range assumes no waste, and the higher end covers 2 – 3 tonnes. You just have to observe as the company clears your waste.

Another alternative is hiring a skip and filling it by yourself. You will have flexible timing and work on other wastes simultaneously if needed. Skip hire ranges from £80-£45, and it depends on which size you need.

Sometimes rubbish removal can be more complex and cost you extra if the debris is hazardous. If a regular garden clearance company can’t remove hazardous wastes, you will have to spend for specialists to remove them before starting their work.

If your garden has become overgrown, it’s challenging and time-consuming to vacate. An overgrown garden clearance costs £140 on average for around 32 bags of trash. It is more likely that the company will charge per bag.

Types of garden clearance


Each garden waste needs to be removed differently, including the required time and cost. You can collect this rubbish yourself or choose to spend extra on a garden clearance company to collect these. Standard garden clearance varieties are:

  • Old Sheds
  • Trees
  • Grass clippings
  • Garden Furniture
  • Hedge Trimmings
  • Pots
  • Planters Or Bushes
  • Weeds
  • Fallen leaves or blossom
  • Wood
  • Builders waste, e.g. glass, tiles, plaster etc.
  • Home appliances, e.g. old inactive washing machines, TVs, fridges, etc.

Types of garden clearance


Each garden waste needs to be removed differently, including the required time and cost. You can collect this rubbish yourself or choose to spend extra on a garden clearance company to collect these. Standard garden clearance varieties are:


Green waste collection: Green waste clearing includes hedge clippings, grass cuttings, and excess flowers and weeds.


Leaf blowing: Seasonal changes make the trees shed their leaves in the garden. You can gather and remove these leaves and blossoms with the help of a leaf blower.


Gutter cleaning: After a few months of rainfall and wind, gutters become jammed and require to be unclogged.


Rubbish removal: Following any garden project, usually there are wastes you need to dispose of. Also, when garden furniture gets worn out and needs to be replaced, the old furniture needs to be removed.


Factors affecting the cost of garden clearance


Time and many other factors affect the cost. Comprehending how much does garden clearance costs is not manageable every time and can be affected by many essential factors. Here are the most typical factors involving the cost of garden clearance:


Amount of waste: The greater the quantity of the waste is, the longer it will take to collect, which increases the hourly fee of the removal.


Kind of waste: Some kinds of wastes are easy to collect, like grass cuttings collected by a lawnmower. Others are not – like a gutter waste that needs to be unclogged. So the kind of waste the rubbish collectors will have to collect and remove affects the overall garden clearance price.


Total weight: Heavy wastes like old furniture or construction items are challenging to gather and remove, so they will take longer than usual to clear, raising the disposal price.


Access: Difficult to attain areas take longer to clear, and thus the costs increase.


Location: Garden clearance prices are often influenced by where you live. For example, if you live in London, the services are usually expensive.


How to calculate the total cost of garden clearance


If you want to estimate the entire cost of garden clearance, start by calculating the quantity of garden waste you have – the more rubbish, the loftier the expense. Bulky items like large branches or tree trunks boost the overall fee.


You may want to include access to your garden, as it affects the time it will take gardeners to vacate the area. And if you speak to local gardeners, ask them how many people, in their opinion, will be needed for the job. The more individuals needed, the more the price of the clearance.


How to find the best garden clearance company near you


Here is how to find the best garden clearance company near you:


1. Before contacting garden service professionals, prepare yourself with these questions to ensure that you’re on the right track:


  • How many years have they been in this business?
  • Where do they have expertise?
  • What kind of clearance services do they deliver?
  • Will they clean up after themselves afterwards?
  • How are their rates calculated (by the hour, coverage area, or weight)?
  • Are there any additional costs you should be aware of?
  • Do they have insurance and license? If yes, what kind?
  • Is there anything they rigorously do not remove?
  • Will you get any discount if they can sell some of your items?


2. Search for “garden clearance near me” in Google, and the site will show you all the companies around you. Now research each company one by one. Compare their services and decide which fits your budget and requirements best.


3. Pick three of the best companies through your research and contact them through their website. Check their reviews and references. Choose one that seems authentic to you and ask them the questions given above.


4. Converse with the said company’s team on their website. If the team seem competent enough, ask the company for garden clearance quotes. Be clear and concise. Express what you need in exact words. If they reply with credibility, then proceed with the conversation.


5. Ensure that they are licensed waste carriers. It will prevent fly-tipping and any fines you may incur.


7. Ask them if their tools are insured. It can protect you from lawsuits if your property is damaged when they come to your home.

Finally, hire them if you’re satisfied with their answers.




Now you know how much does garden clearance cost. So, contact the best garden clearance company near you and hire them for the job without any hesitation.

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